Our niche e-commerce websites that are carefully curated for consumers seeking anything from pure, organic health and beauty products to lifestyle tips for healthy living.
We also sell on leading global market places like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Alibaba and many more.

direct sites

  • The curation of our authentic, rare yet affordable product site managed under buy, stock and sell model is industry appreciated. Our B2C offering.
  • Our wholesale B2B openkart offering portrays indepth information to our users. Ease of applications and checkout stands it apart.
  • Bestkhadi is a one stop shop for products ranging from skin, hair, health, food, souvenirs, flags, topis and quintessentially the Khadi textile. Every Bestkhadi product is passionately made by hand, quality-checked at Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC), approved and registered by Gramodyog spread over all the states of India.



  • We have been a top Amazon retailer for four years. We focus on mutually beneficial relationships with our partners, positioning them for long-term success in the online retail world.
  • We retail internationally in US and Canada. Our efforts are to create and run partnerships around the world to bring more brands and products.
  • By retailing on Flipkart for 5 years now, we are making our partners' products more accessible while simultaneously expanding their online customer reach.
  • We always sell at lowest prices at this popular bidding site.
  • Our different country users enjoy our lowest price offerings here.
  • Renewed focused efforts are to grow this revamped mall based site to the top two selling platforms for our brands and products.
  • Niche product selling platform, specially for Health solution seekers.
  • Name says it all, our long founding days association makes us natural products sellers to naturalists here.
  • Bulk discounts on every day products from our brands and SKUs keeps our growth intact.
  • Exclusive products for exclusive loyal customers keep our association growing.