Life is our people, our lifestyle; Team Pure.
We band together as devotees to innovate, perform brain storming, argue, generate ideas and bring out best!

Shabla The Penwoman

Word-in-Mouth Expert, An In-House Wikipedia for every Express Expression!

Bijita Artificer

Curries the concepts before pixilating any image to finally come up with the best in look-at-me studio!

Raujeev Dev Taneja Watchman

Perpetual Entrepreneur, Herbalist, Natural Wellbeing Advocate, Greening enthusiast. Finds Science connects with spirituality. Enjoys Mentoring as purpose of life.

Vijay The Moneyman

Happy-to-Help Cool Book-Keeper!

Gaurav The Printman

His Designs Speak Louder Than His Words!

NiHao Neha Ms. Dawa-Dawai

Pharmacist behind healthy happy herself be it Pharma at Ayurveda or Traditional Chinese Medicines, Our Petite Expert

Asaph Backbone

Coding Mysteries and Masters Web!

Sourabh Nut-Bolt Seller

A Master-Blaster Opportunity Striker!

Kavita Fastest Fingers

Quick to Count and Keep Units and Time Stocks!

Sanjay Packman

Last-Man Jugaadu-fixer!

Ganga D2D

Eveready to Drop-Off!

Jagbeer D2D

Eveready to Drop-Off!

Nixita Little Creator

Eveready to pen down poetry to narratives.

Tynx 3D Shaper

Architect for new SKUs embellished Artificial Intelligence

Evita Doctor at Large

Field search and researcher for shaping figures!

Indu Taneja Sign Woman

Wellness Madam and Wallet-keeper with built-in healthcare facility!